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Project Email Archiver
Long-term planning for project emails and permission control

Project Email Archiver

Many companies use project email address to manage receive and centralize emails for a specific project.  But the problem arises when multiple team members need to access the project emails.  Moreover, after project closure, it is difficult to manage the project emails.  As time goes on, there will be many orphan project email accounts with project emails that the company needs to access from time to time.

Our Project Email Archiver retrieves email from your project email accounts, and stores in a repository.  Many of our customers organizes their project emails in SharePoint document libraries.  User access can be group-based, allowing directors and multiple team members access to the emails when the projects are running and after the project is completed.   This also allows project email accounts to be closed after project closure.

To know more, contact us for a discussion with our experts.

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  • Monitor project email accounts to retrieve emails on a regular basis.

  • Extracts email sender, recipients, subjects, and timestamp and use those as document indices.

  • Uploads the emails to SharePoint document libraries for team access and searching.

  • Can trigger additional workflow upon email upload is completed.

Connect with Document Management Solution:

  • Our solution archives emails to SharePoint libraries, compatible with SharePoint 2013/2019.

  • We also provide development services to your document management system or Microsoft AI Builder to extend and customize the solution.


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