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Outlook Desktop Add-in
for SharePoint


Key features of Outlook Desktop Add-in:

File email to SharePoint

From Outlook Desktop inbox, users can directly file the email or selected email attachments to SharePoint, without having to open the web browser.  Users can choose which library and folder to file to, which attachment to file, or file the whole email to the SharePoint library.


with eProjectDM

If your company uses eProjectDM, the tool will be perfect for you, allowing you to store emails into eProjectDM libraries and kickoff automatic circulation to the project team.

Easily share document links

While writing an email, users can easily look for documents stored in SharePoint library, and attach links to the email.  Users can also attach as email attachments as well, all without the need to leave the Outlook Desktop interface.

Version supported

The add-in works with multiple Outlook Desktop version, and supports eProjectDM and SharePoint 2019 Standard version.


eProjectDM is a


Project Document


eProjectDM 365

Cloud-based EDMS based on Microsoft 365 Sharepoint Online for A/E/C industry

AI Auto-Indexing

Use AI and Machine Learning to automatically extract information from your documents, save costs and manpower.

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