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AI Auto-indexing Module
Machine Learning for Automatic Document Classification and Indexing

AI Auto-indexing module

Our Document AI Auto-indexing Module uses Machine Learning and AI Engines to automatically classify and index your scanned documents.  Save time on manual processing and indexing your construction documents.   On average, a construction takes around 3-5 minutes for manual indexing and classification.  If you normally work with many documents in a construction project, you can save tens to hundreds of manhours on a normal day by switching to AI Auto-indexing.

Our module can work with SharePoint on-premise, SharePoint Online, and other DMS modules that have an API (e.g. REST API)

To know more, contact us for a discussion with our document experts.




  • Use Machine Learning engine to classify your document extract info from document for use as document index

  • Saves manual indexing effort

  • Uploads resulting searchable PDF and extracted data to your DMS.

  • Can trigger additional workflow after processing the document.

Connect with Other Systems:

  • Provides multiple hot folders to process different types of PDF documents.  It is compatible for all types of multi-function copiers and brands.

  • We also provide development services to your document management system to extend and customize the solution.


eProjectDM is a


Project Document


eProjectDM 365

Cloud-based EDMS based on Microsoft 365 Sharepoint Online for A/E/C industry

AI Auto-Indexing

Use AI and Machine Learning to automatically extract information from your documents, save costs and manpower.

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