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eProjectDM 365


About eProjectDM 365

eProjectDM 365 is based on our eProjectDM flagship product, built on the Microsoft 365 platform.  With the best of both worlds, you are now able to enjoy a tailored project document management solution for the construction industry without the need to manage your server hardware, and also the benefits of using a cloud platform (high availability and managed by Microsoft).

Our features include project document management, full-text search, reference number generator, document deadline monitoring, photo library, integration with MFC, and much more.

Our solution has been used by major AEC clients in Hong Kong since 2000.  To know more about our solution and even our onsite IT services, fill in the contact us form / online chat.

Key features of eProjectDM 365:

Share project documents with  your team safely and securely

With your documents safely secured in our eProjectDM 365 based on SharePoint online, you can easily distribute, comment, set deadline, and log the actions done on the document.  Each project has its own set of permissions to control user access.

Reference Number & Document Generator

Our solution provides a reference number generator and document generator so that the team members can easily create a correspondence using standard project forms (Letters, RFI, CVI, etc) with information already pre-filled.

Document Circulation

Documents are automatically circulated to the project team and team members can further distribute for action or information.  Each user will have an intray to receive the distributions for all projects.

Built on Microsoft 365

eProjectDM 365 is built on Microsoft 365 for the construction industry to easily organize and collaborate on project documents.  It uses SharePoint online to organize the project documents, relieving your company the need to manage hardware, upgrades, and security patches.

Monitor document deadlines

The dashboard will show the documents that are overdue and pending reply, so that you can make sure you respond to client requests and approvals without delay. 

Full-text search

All PDF documents and Office documents can enjoy full-text search, so that users can easily search the contents of projects documents 24 x 7 anywhere.

Photo Library

Easily store your photos and search your project photos.  Upload a project map and use it to tag your uploaded photos.  When you open the map, you can see the photos pinned to different map locations.

Low-cost solution for SME

The monthly subscription fees are much lower than traditional solutions without the need to invest in infrastructure, hardware, and manpower.  Optionally, you can subscribe to our IT onsite services to help with your other IT needs.

Our company is also a solution provider for the TVP funding program organized by ITC.


eProjectDM is a


Project Document


AI Auto-Indexing

Use AI and Machine Learning to automatically extract information from your documents, save costs and manpower.

eProjectDM 365

Cloud-based EDMS based on Microsoft 365 Sharepoint Online for A/E/C industry

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