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Electronic project and document

Incorporated in 1995, Wincas Technology focuses on providing and developing solutions such as a corporate portal, electronic project and document management solutions for the government and the commercial sector.

Our customers include government departments (Architectural Services Department, Highways Department, Drainage Services Department), architects, developers, consultants, and construction contractors. With our eProjectDM solution, we are able to help our clients in managing their huge amount of data, streamline their workflow, and mobilize the information.


eProjectDM Overview

eProjectDM is built on SharePoint 2010/2013 technologies. It builds on a platform that has been used by millions of users around the world. For client platforms, it will run on Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.

The solution can be used to manage a single project, or can be used for managing multiple projects.


Upon entering the system, the user will be presented with a dashboard listing the number of unread distributions in their personal intray, tasks, and links to document libraries. Moreover, the weather and warning information will also be displayed.

Document Registration

Users will use a form-based register incoming and outgoing documents. Upon registration, a reference number will be generated. Support linear and QRcode barcodes for batch scanning purpose.

Bulk Documents Upload

For bulk registration (e.g. for processing backlogs), the user can use the spreadsheet-based format.

Scanning Support

eProjectDM supports automatic retrieving from hot folders where scanned documents are Using this infrasturcture, documents from remote or satellite construction sites can be scanned to the hot folders for automatic processing.

Document Circulation

After documents are registered, the documents will be automatically or manually routed to the responsible team members for followup. A detail document log will be recorded in the document profile. Users can further perform subsequent level of circulation or task assignments..

Document Search

Users can perform full-text content search (applicable to Microsoft Office documents, searchable PDFs). Or users can also fill in a criteria form to narrow down their searches. Users can view all history of a document such as distribution timestamp, related comments, tasks status, and related documents (such as document thread). Detailed document logs are created for each document.

Site Photos

A picture library is included in the system to allow users to upload site photos. Thumbnail and preview photos will be automatically generated (much smaller in thumbnail size) to reduce the time needed to display photos in thumbnail and preview mode. If the photo has GPS values, the location will be recorded by the system and user will be able to see the photo location on a map.

Site Diary

Users can input their site diary entries using a Microsoft Excel template that will sync with the server data. Reports can be generated using the data recorded in the site diary module. Reports such as Monthly Return of Site Labour Deployment and Wage Rates for Construction Works, Monthly Labour Chart, Daily Summary Site Diary, etc. can be generated.

Weather Logging

The system will record weather warnings taken from the Hong Kong Observatory to assist in construction site management.


The optional drawing module can help users view drawing formats, compare drawing versions, and markup drawings. Supported drawing versions are AutoCAD through 2014, and Microstation through version 8.11.


eProjectDM comes with Nintex Workflow to facilitate approval workflows and review workflows. Other custom workflows can also be easily built using the OOTB graphical workflow builder. Using smartphones, users can submit and approve workflows easily using Nintex Mobile.


eProjectDM is a


Project Document

Nintex Workflow

Nintex Workflow adds

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IoT (Internet

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