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About Construction Site QR Code Drawing Solution

The Missing link for Sharepoint document libraries

SharePoint online and on-premise provide a search engine that can perform full-text search (search the contents of your PDF), provided that your PDFs are searchable PDFs.  SharePoint Online and on-premise does not provide a converter to convert your scanned documents to searchable PDFs.  

SP DocUploader+ provides this missing feature that you need, allowing your users to conduct full-text searches into the document libraries.




  • Convert your scanned documents to searchable PDFs

  • Optionally OCR first few pages of document only.

  • Recognize barcodes and QR codes

  • Extract info from document for use as document index

  • Uploads resulting searchable PDF to SharePoint

Connect with Other Systems:

  • Provides multiple hotfolders to process different types of PDF documents.  It is compatible for all types of multi-function copiers and brands.

  • Automatically connects with Sharepoint online or Sharepoint on-premise to upload the processed PDFs to different document libraries.


eProjectDM is a


Project Document


Nintex Workflow

Nintex Workflow adds

a Drag-and-drop

workflow designer

IoT (Internet

of Things)


Extend and Customize:

We also provide development services to customize your SharePoint Online search pages to provide a more intelligent search page, allowing users to search by index, combination of criteria, by project, by document type, or by status.

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