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Distance Business Programme (D-Biz)


Remote Document Management

on SharePoint / Office 365 for

Construction and Other Industries 

About Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) Funding

The world is facing unprecedented economic challenges amid the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease. Many employers have begun instituting work from home or flexible hours policies to refine the business strategies of the enterprise. Under the Anti-Epidemic Fund, the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has launched the Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme to support enterprises to continue their business and services through the adoption of IT solutions. The D-Biz Programme will provide 100% funding support to qualified enterprises, subject to a cap of HK$100,000 per IT solution and HK$300,000 per enterprise.  To know more about our solutions, or discuss with us your needs, please fill in the contact form.






















Remote Document Management Solution

Wincas provides remote Document Management Solutions for construction and other industries.  Our solution can be implemented on-premise or on Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online.  Teams can upload their document to our Document Management Solution and share with other team members, and use Full Text Search to search for relevant documents online.  For construction industry, we also provide reference number generation, form template generations (RFI / CVI / Submissions), barcode recognition, and document distribution.

We have different solutions for different industries:

  • eProjectDM - DMS for AEC Industry

  • SP-Uploader for integration with Microsoft SharePoint Online - for uploading and indexing scanned documents to SharePoint Online

  • custom solutions tailored to your needs - we have Microsoft SharePoint Online developers to develop c tailored SharePoint add-ons based on your needs and requirements.


e-Form and Approval Workflow

We provide eForm and Approval Workflows to facilitate the online approval of company documents and applications.  Workflows such as expense approvals, Purchase Orders approvals, and other custom workflows with mobile features.



eProjectDM is a


Project Document


Nintex Workflow

Nintex Workflow adds

a Drag-and-drop

workflow designer

IoT (Internet

of Things)

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