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OCR Module
Your ultimate engine to automate documents OCR and Uploading to SharePoint platform

About OCR Module

OCR Module works with different Document Management System.  Originally designed for SharePoint, it provides a backend engine to OCR and upload batches of documents to SharePoint (on-premise or SharePoint Online).  Using hot folder technologies, the rule-based engine will convert your scanned documents to searchable PDFs, recognize barcodes, and uploads the documents automatically.

Our solution works for SharePoint on-premise, SharePoint Online and can integrate with other document management solutions.


The Missing link for document libraries

SharePoint online and on-premise provide a search engine that can perform full-text search (search the contents of your PDF), provided that your PDFs are searchable PDFs.  SharePoint Online and on-premise does not provide a converter to convert your scanned documents to searchable PDFs.  

OCR Module provides this missing feature that you need, allowing your users to conduct full-text searches into the document libraries.




  • Convert your scanned documents to searchable PDFs

  • Optionally OCR first few pages of document only.

  • Recognize barcodes and QR codes

  • Extract info from document for use as document index

  • Uploads resulting searchable PDF to SharePoint

Connect with Other Systems:

  • Provides multiple hotfolders to process different types of PDF documents.  It is compatible for all types of multi-function copiers and brands.

  • Automatically connects with Sharepoint online or Sharepoint on-premise to upload the processed PDFs to different document libraries.


eProjectDM is a


Project Document


eProjectDM 365

Cloud-based EDMS based on Microsoft 365 Sharepoint Online for A/E/C industry

OCR Module

A flexible cost-saving link between your scanner and your document management solution


Extend and Customize:

We also provide development services to customize your SharePoint Online search pages to provide a more intelligent search page, allowing users to search by index, combination of criteria, by project, by document type, or by status.

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